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We are a Covenant Synagogue. We believe that the covenants forged by G-d with our people are eternal, offering us a hope and a purpose, and that this includes the Messianic Covenant. We believe and are convinced that His promise of a Messiah, enabling us to be reconciled to Him, was fulfilled in the person of Yeshua.


At B'nai Maccabim we are focussed on living our lives in accordance with the Jewish Scriptures, observing Shabbat, and the Festivals and life-cycle events as commanded in Torah. 


Our Shabbat services are open to anyone from any background and we extend a welcome to all visitors. We are a small congregation and you can be sure of a warm reception. 


If you are truly seeking to meet with G-d, then be assured that He is ready and waiting to meet with you.  

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